5pcs Mini Jewels / Little Gems / Inner Trims

5pcs Mini Jewels / Little Gems / Inner Trims

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Size: 3mm - 4mm each pcs 

Collection: Living Locket Watches

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Bring Her Surprises.


Do it your self! Make your dream come true! Endless collocations meet luxury with this diy living locket watch from JUNO MALLET. Crafted in durable brushed golden stainless steel, and featuring luminous crystals, design the look that means the most to you by adding charms to tell your story. Pairing this watch with our charming stones to represent your loved ones and create a unique piece for yourself or as a meaningful gift.


One watch two faces! Endless collocations meet luxury with JUNO MALLET's new feature - a watch with changeable faces. Pairing this watch, you're able to define or redefine the styles whenever you like, from bezels to dials, to straps, you make your own choice for yourself free as your wish. Fashion trends go with you everyday. Make your time yours!

How to Change a Watch Bezel

1 watch 7 appearances. From Monday to Friday, everyday you're free to change your daily collocation among these 7 boutique bezels. These Wild&Free start with classic gold and eggshell white, their essential elegance holds with a very modern edge, which is the only beauty that never fades.